Pen Pals!

Tabitha of Glitter and Ganache recently started a pen pal project, and  since I’ve been looking to get connected with more bloggers and new people, I instantly jumped at the opportunity.

We received our pen pals information a couple of weeks ago – I elected to receive two, and I just had to share with you the most beautiful letter I received from Kallie in Iowa the other day. It made my card look so measly!

The back of my envelope - hand painted!

She MADE this card for me – by hand! Oh my god. I’m going to frame it. Seriously – how lucky am I?!

" "title of card" A Holtmark creation " (clever, no? ;) )

For my letters, I purchased some cute stationary from a local shop, Orange Beautiful. If you’re in Chicago and in need of some beautiful inspiration, letters, posters, stationary, or calendars (or more! They do so much!), do stop in. They’re right off the Damen Brownline. I couldn’t recommend them more! I think I’m going to head back there this week to pick up some more stationary for next month’s pen pal letters… :)

Have you ever had a long-distance pen pal that you’ve never met? Would you want to join my pen pal list? ;)

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