Self Indulgence

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Moe Martinez, an incredible Chicago photographer who does a lot of really stellar work. I noticed that he had a project on his website called the Freckles Project and was immediately intrigued – I knew I had to be a part of it! I’m also super vain and love looking at phenomenal pictures of myself (haaa, well, at least I’m being honest?), so I commented on a mutual friend’s post (who was bragging about Moe’s work) and said “if you’re ever looking for freckled models, I’d totally be interested!” Luckily he was looking for some freckled-wonders to shoot, so we set up a time and met in Lincoln Square.

We started off along this wall in a children’s park on Lawrence, but due to lighting we had to move on shortly thereafter. Doesn’t he have a great eye? I never noticed this wall before! I definitely need to pay more attention to my surroundings.

From there we walked down through different alleyways looking for some texture to photograph against. He’s a big fan of distressed and weathered wood, and luckily after walking through a couple of alleys, we found some quasi-dilapidated garages. : )

(I was really working on my serious faces. Could you tell?)

(And did I mention that it was 60 degrees yesterday? The sun felt so good.)

To finish out the shoot we meandered over to the Western Brownline stop where we spotted a loading dock and some fun graffiti. What up, Lincoln? (omg who am i?!)

(i’m so tough)

(hahahah yeah right)

Thanks for indulging me in my little photoshoot. Thank you so much, Moe! I had a blast feeling like a celebrity! : )

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