Hello, March! Goodbye, March.

I try (I really do!) not to go more than a week without blogging. One week on, one week off, has been the regular schedule around these parts. But here it is, two plus weeks later (almost three!), and there is nary a blog post in sight. I’ve been busy, friends! I was given another […]

the Art Institute and Dinner with my Love

Still playing a bit of catch up here – hope you don’t mind. I wanted to share some pictures and notes from our excursion to the Art Institute the other night, and the incredible dinner we made. There were a few paintings I wanted to see (Hopper, Singer Sargent), but other than that my plan […]

Let’s talk about food, shall we?

Planning for my friend Erica’s bridal shower in D. C. was many things for me: exciting, challenging, delicious, stressful, therapeutic, distracting… but overall: amazing. I love creating menus and planning out how I’m going to execute them, if everything is balanced, if everyone will be satisfied and fed well…thinking about food just brings me a […]