Busy weekend.

Oof! Is it Monday already? I think I need another day to stay in and rest, this weekend was a whirlwind… I already wrote at length about our trip to The Vintage Bazaar at the DANK Haus, but I didn’t mention our adventures after that! When we were filled to the brim with vintage inspiration, […]

The Vintage Bazaar Pop-Up at the DANK Haus!

Thanks to a lucky tip off by both Racked Chicago and Refinery 29, I made my way over to The Vintage Bazaar, which is having its winter location at the DANK Haus (right in my neighborhood). For only $5 (for two days! Your wristband grants you entry for both days), you get two floors of […]

Monday’s Object of Desire

Something that I stumbled upon forever ago and fell head-over-heels in love with was the artwork of Paul Ferney, husband of Jordan from Oh Happy Day. For my birthday this year, I think I’m going to treat myself to this cake print, and then bake a recreation of the cake, and take a picture. Just […]