Hello, March! Goodbye, March.

I try (I really do!) not to go more than a week without blogging. One week on, one week off, has been the regular schedule around these parts. But here it is, two plus weeks later (almost three!), and there is nary a blog post in sight. I’ve been busy, friends! I was given another […]

Singing, lately

January marked the start of Audition Season for me, so I’ve been busy busy preparing for all of the different auditions and competitions that happen between January and February. This year I had three big auditions and one great singing opportunity. Now, four things may not seem like a lot, but when you consider the […]

Halfway there

I had a feeling in December of 2011 that this year, this 2012, was going to be a magical year. There was just something about it, something I couldn’t put my finger on, but I knew there were going to be magical things happening. A year of big changes.   Six months in and it’s […]

Things just got a whole lot faster

The ironic thing about this post is the title, juxtaposed to the fact that I started writing this post on Monday…and it’s Friday SATURDAY – oh my god (and I’m scheduling this to be posted on Monday. Ha). Faster, indeed… B and I finally upgraded our outdated (and screen-cracked) androids for some new iPhones, and […]


I threw some gold fairy-dust into the universe this weekend. Here’s hoping the wind catches it and takes it where my heart desires! Also, today I’m auditioning for the Grant Park Chorus. It’s the first of my auditions for this week…wish me luck! I’ve been suffering from a terrible cold/sinus infection but it hasn’t affected […]